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Canecia “NeeBaby” Boyd born the youngest of five siblings in Nuemberg, Germany is a Stand-Up Comedian, Motivational Speaker and Mental Health Advocate with eight years of industry experience. NeeBaby’s rise to fame began in early 2020 when she took to popular Social Media platform TikTok as a way to deal with some personal things in her life. After six months of sharing her raw and relatable comedy, the Owner and Founder of Stupid Stud LLC found herself on a road to one million followers having over 874.6k following and a spot next to the most elite of Social Media Influencers.


NeeBaby focus her brand on mental health awareness and women’s health, particularly in the LGBTQ community. Three topics that she knows very well as a member of the LGBTQ community, a breast cancer survivor and living with a Bipolar diagnosis since the age of 14. Neebaby will be featured in the up-and-coming social experiment Tv talk show "Humility of Humanity" aired this spring/summer 2022.

Her passion for life and amazing work ethic are the reasons that NeeBaby has become one of the most notable entertainers to date.

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Forgiveness and Love, two things the world needs more of! 


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