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Canecia “Nee Baby” Boyd born the youngest of five siblings is a Stand-Up Comedian, Brand Influencer, Fashion Icon and Mental Health Advocate. 

Nee Baby, like most comedians, uses comedy as a formidable power for healing. Her comedy tackles subjects and personal experiences such as being a breast cancer survivor, her life as a masculine identified lesbian, and many other community and social issues. 

Her levity and easy going personality has led her to a

TikTok following of over 626K followers with 11M+ views. 

Medium Profile

Comedian NeeBaby brings Awareness to Mental Health with Laughter

I want my legacy to speak to strength. We all have the strength and talent needed to make it, we just need to tap into it. — Canecia “NeeBaby” Boyd

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Pretty Women Hustle Magazine

Using Laughter to Heal and Bring Awareness – Meet Canecia “NeeBaby” Boyd

Diagnosed with Breast Cancer and as a way to deal with the emotional pain, NeeBaby took to TikTok and began sharing her raw and unfiltered Comedy with the world. Six months later, the industry she had been a part of for six years finally took notice of her talents and she quickly became a TikTok sensation, Brand Influencer and recognized comedian holding on to 555K+ supporters and 12M+ Likes and growing.


Culour Magazine

Canecia "Neebaby" Boyd is a Comedian, Entrepreneur and Mental Health Advocate. She speaks on her real life experiences in an effort to provide her supporters raw and relatable material. As a member of the LGBTQ community she believes representation is important,

so she ensures the world knows what we go through.

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Diva Magazine

Copies on sale in the UK 


Women For The Culture

More than Comedy: Survival, with Canecia "NeeBaby" Boyd

Canecia "NeeBaby" Boyd is the ultimate survivor. She battled breast cancer, and beat it; battled mental health, and beat it; and has a successful, comedy platform on Tik Tok.


Lesbian 411

Nee Baby – TikTok Real

Canecia Nee Baby Boyd is a talented comedian. Nee Baby was born in Nuemberg, Germany, and is the youngest of five siblings. She is the founder of Stupid Stud, LLC, and is a stand-up comedian with six years of industry experience. It wasn’t until she opened up to the world of TikTok that Nee Baby became a household name. With over 500K+ supporters and 10M+ likes, her raw and relatable skits, characters, and stories brighten the days of everyone who comes across them.

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Rainbow Affair Magazine

Get to Know Canecia “NeeBaby” Boyd

By DiamondKesawn on November 11, 2020

Every now and then we meet someone who inspires us to change something. It can be as simple as the way they said hello. Something about the interaction leads you the individual to decide to change something you do or how you do it. Let me introduce you to my someone!

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